BEWARE OF ONLINE FRAUD: हम कभी भी आपसे फोन या SMS/OTP/ PIN / LINK पर किसी भी प्रकार के ऑनलाइन वालेट से 5/- रू 10/- रू जैसे GOOGLE PAY, Paytm या UPI से कोई भी रेजिटर, कम्पलेन, आउट एरिया कोई भी प्रकार की अधिक भुगतान की मांग नही करते हैं| यदि ऐसा कोई मांग करता है तो तुरंत बुकिंग ऑफिस को सूचित करे| सावधान रहे आपका बैंक अकाउंट खाली हो सकता है| Note:- यदि आपको किसी भी प्रकार का ठगा जाता है या आप बहकावे में आकर कोई फ्रॉड के शिकार बन जाते हैं तो हमारी कोई जबाबदारी नही होगी|


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Capitalizing on promoters’ experience of over two decades in the field of courier services, Couriers King Ltd. offers a range of services, which cater to the specific needs of clients in terms of nature of consignment, urgency and place of delivery.



Facilitates assured & time-bound delivery of documents and small parcels.



Meant for delivery of heavy consignments through air and surface transport modes involving use of special kind of vehicle, material handling equipment and dedicated manpower.



A specialized service for safe & assured delivery in the least possible time.


Why Choose Couriers King?

  • Door-to-door Pickup & Delivery
  • Air, Rail and Surface Mode
  • Private Fleet between Hubs

  • Coverage in 1000 Location
  • 1600 Pickup and Delivery Points
  • 12000 Serviceable Pincodes

  • 1.25L Shipments Per Day
  • Local, Domestic & International Deliveries
  • Diverse Customer Base

  • Web/Mobile Based Tracking
  • GPS trackers for high value shipments
  • Data analytics for better visibility

Why You Like Couriers King?

Safe Packing

Right Time Delivery

Ship Everywhere

Fastest Shipping

Proof of Delivery

Contract Booking

Tracking Live (Online)

After Delivery Support